Solar Structures

An African approach for Africa and beyond.

Made in South Africa

Our Solar Structures are a ground breaking development by a team of South African experts from the Solar Industry and the Green Building Industry.

These structures are proudly made in South Africa in Factories in Gauteng and Western Cape. They are built from a patented GRP resin-based pultruded structural material which is extremely strong, durable and weather resistant. No maintenance is required, and the materials are not prone to theft or damage. They are non-toxic and will not leach any toxins into the ground.

Our clients can choose from 3 different finishes to suit their individual requirements.

Designed for 3 Applications

Agri-Voltaics Ports

Car Ports

Ground Mount Structures

Car ports are available as single, double and multiple ports. Electric chargers for E-Vehicles can be added on request.

Agri-voltaics ports and ground mount structure requirements will be discussed with our clients and manufactured accordingly


  • Non-conductive and ideally suited for electrical mountings and solar applications (no further poles, electrical protection or structural material is required)
  • Fire retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Extremely durable and non-corrosive
  • Engineered to be weather-proof in extreme weather conditions
  • Inert and will never leach any poisonous chemicals into surrounding soil (ideal for agricultural applications)
  • Environmentally sympathetic and friendly
  • Environmentally responsible and can be 80% recycled
  • Structurally superior to any other material on the market and comes with a 25 years structural warranty
  • Virtually maintenance free and will never need to be painted

The advantage over wood and steel is that our mounting structures can be compared to structural 'marine-grade' aluminium. Other resin based and PVC based products are vastly outclassed in terms of structural integrity and structural guarantees. Unlike other structures that warp and slowly degrade under extreme weather and temperature conditions, our structures keep form, do not leach, and are truly non-corrosive.

Our structure has been developed for ground mount, car ports and agri-voltaics plants.

Unique world-first structural engineering
User friendly
Simple assembly
25 Years factory warranty

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