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We offer a smart grid concept for residential complexes and estates, as well as commercial complexes in a joint venture with our partner in energy management and smart metering.

The opportunity of making use of a smart grid for a Solar system allows the user to build up credits from Solar production not used during the day to off-set cost for night-time grid power use. Even though the feed-in tariff is lower than the rate at which power is purchased, it is still a more cost-effective solution than purchasing batteries to store power for night-time use. The only disadvantage is that it does not provide backup power if the grid is unavailable due to load shedding or an unforeseen power outage. For this purpose, however, a user can purchase a small UPS type backup system for their essential loads if required.


Having a smart grid in place will also add to the value of a complex and make it more attractive for investing in a property or for a business seeking to lease a unit in a commercial complex. There are more benefits the smart meters provide for complex management, please contact us for more information.

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the basis for a complex


Implemented as funded or capital project to the complex

Measures electricity used from different sources

(grid, Solar power or reverse feed of power generated by Solar panels)


Users access data from desktop or phone

The basis for a complex internal smart grid will be a smart prepaid metering solution which can be implemented at no cost to the complex. We will replace existing traditional meters with smart meters which can measure electricity used from different sources, such as grid or Solar power, as well as reverse feed of power generated by Solar panels. Our smart metering system is state-of-the-art technology and will provide the user with data to be accessed conveniently from a desktop computer or smart mobile phone.



Enables Body Corporate & residents to purchase own Solar Systems and connect them to the complex’s smart grid.

As opposed to the utility grid which does not yet provide the technology and regulatory framework for grid-tied Solar home systems with a feed-in tariff for reverse feed in most parts of South Africa, the private sector is a step ahead and this scenario can be realised within residential and commercial complexes, where a utility bulk meter is available or can be obtained for the purpose of private individual metering. This is the case for most sectional title complexes, and we will make sure that all municipal regulations and by-laws are adhered to.


Where bulk meters are not already in place, we will do the application on behalf of the Body Corporate or centre owner.



We connect a Body Corporate or individual resident's grid-tie Solar System to the smart grid

Once a Body Corporate or individual resident's grid-tie Solar System has been connected to the smart grid, we can measure any electricity overproduction from the system.

This will flow back into the grid and re-imburse the owner of the Solar system with a reasonable feed-in tariff and credit it to their account.


This credit can then be used to off-set cost incurred by usage of utility power e.g. at night-time to reduce the overall electricity bill.